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Dear Customer B M Dialer , ATM Phone , Nice2phone , India-24 , M Dialer , Call2Desh Good service A2Z All Country. New Server Core4 Reseller Link: And VSR Reseller Link: AND iTel Billing Link: Apnar jeita valo lage Use koren.

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BD CLI,BD Gray,India,Pakistan,Egypt,Nepal,UK,USA,Canada Low Rate Good Quality

Nice2phone (Nokia)Set Mobile Date 25.07.2015

M Dialer (Android)

India-24 (Android)

Nice2phone (Android)

B M Dialer (itel)OP:90244

iTel New Link

iTel Pc2phone (Op Code 90244)

Samsung/iPhone/Android Serch Play Store : iTelmobiledialer

ATM Phone OP Code: 79529

For Nokia Download Link

Samsung/iPhone/Android Serch Play Store: iTelDialerPlus

Rate Updated

  • BD White CLI - 0.0215USD 4652
  • BD Gray - 0.0160USD 6250
  • BD IGW CLI - 0.0235USD 4256
  • India TATA CLI - 0.0147USD 6803
  • PAKISTAN CLI - 0.0365USD 2740
  • BD Special - 0.0165USD 6061

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